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Musicians: Lara St John, Trilok Gurtu, Laurence Cottle, BJ Cole, and guitarists John Themis and Sagat Guirey

A 2003 collaboration with Canadian virtuoso violinist Lara St. John, Re:Bach (Sony Classical), - a postmodern/world music re-thinking of the music of JS Bach that took an electro-acoustic journey from Hibernian cédildh, across Turkish and Greek folk vistas to sultry Indian sub-continental grooves.


Lara and I worked with a wonderfully diverse range of musical talent including the extraordinary rhythmic skills of great Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu, maestro arranger Brian Gasgione, bass from Laurence Cottle, pedal steel maestro BJ Cole, and guitarists John Themis and Sagat Guirey.  Re:Bach was recorded with Haydn Bendall and mixed by Haydn and Yoad Nevo.

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