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Starring: Ralf Little, Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, Ardal O'Hanlon, Simon Callow, Joséphine Jobert, James Fox

Produced by: Tony Jordan, Belinda Campbell, Tim Key

Directed by: Richard Signy, Jermain Julien, Richard Goldby

Written by: Robert Thorogood

A seemingly innoculous confection concerning a (series) of British 'fish out of water' detectives solving reams of impossible murders on the sunny, cheerful and entirely fictional Caribbean Island of  San Marie, Death In Paradise (which airs in January as a balm for the chilly UK winters), has gone  on to be a huge worldwide succsess for the BBC. Viewing figures at home for the primetime BBC 1 broadcast often top 9 million and Death In Paradise, now in its tenth season, is regularly screened across 42 countries worldwide. Alongside classic ska and old school reggae needle-drop, the score intertwines classic murder mystery tropes with dub and world music elements. Seasons 7-10 co-composed with David Celia.                 

Twelve Seasons  /  80 Episodes  /  2011-2020


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