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"The tone of the production matches that giddy mood, with a jazzy Las Vegas soundtrack by Magnus Fiennes, freeze frames, and even fourth-wall eye contact by the characters." - The Boston Globe

With its verve, wit and inventiveness, and impossibly cool music, Hustle has stolen its way to the head of the Saturday-night class. - Rotten Tomatoes





Starring: Robert Vaughn, Robert Glenister, Adrian Lester, Mark Warren, Jaime Murray

Produced by: Jane Featherstone, Simon Crawford Collins, Karen Wilson

Directed by: Oto Bathurst, Colm McCarthy, John Strickland, Bharat Nalluri

Written by: Tony Jordan, Bharat Nalluri

I scored con caper Hustle from season one in 2004 right through to the final season 8 in 2012. Hustle set the benchmark for the cool  'Grifter's do good' genre and its style (and score) has been replicated again and again since, both on the small and big screen. In collaboration with Will South, Ric Featherstone and a slew of London's greatest jazz players (including Roger Beaujolais, Kevin Robinson, Leo Abrahams, Julian Fenton, John Wallace) who all helped put the funk into the heist!

Eight Seasons  /  48 Episodes  /  2004-2012


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