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Musicians: Damien Hirst, Keith Allen, Alex James, Guy Pratt

Produced and arranged provocoteur Brit Pop artist Damien Hirst's only musical outing under the moniker 'Fat Les'.  With bandmates Keith Allen, Alex James (Blur) and Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) - Hirst didn't front the song) Vindaloo, a thoroughly postmodern football stadium anthem, reached number 2 in the UK charts during the heady days of the 1998 Wolrd Cup. Vindaloo went double platinum and was only kept from the top spot by a scurrilous re-release of Rod Steward's I am Sailing. That's irony. An additional diversion was participating in a riotous and brain-mashed appearance on Top Of The Pops with a heavily augmented line-up including funnymen David Walliams, Matt Lucas, Paul Kaye and Roland Rivron.

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