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BFI / LFF – ‘Haunted Hotel


With BFI/London Film Festival, South Bank London



Director: Guy Maddin

Programmer: Ulrich Schrauth

Creative Producer: Lilian Hess

Studio: Headraft


In 2022 I was invited by BFI London Film Festival to collaborate on an augmented reality work “Haunted Hotel” with renowned Canadian film director and auteur GUY MADDIN as part of the LFF Expanded exhibition on the South Bank London.


Haunted Hotel is a revolutionary exhibit based on a series of eight large scale interactive collages created by Guy and rendered as navigatable AR by German Immersive technology company HeadKraft.


I created an interactive sound world for each ‘portrait’, conceived to build the ‘melodramatic’ narrative web of lust deceit, murder, annihilation and redemption connecting the images in gallery.


The work was commissioned and curated by Ulrich Schrauth on behalf of BFI/LFF Expanded and exhibited October 2022.

"Motifs and notions of voyeurism, seduction and betrayal morph in and out of sight...All the while, Magnus Fiennes’s eclectic soundtracks, which feature everything from brooding Angelo Badalamenti-esque disquiet to jaunty ragtime piano to sleek synth beats, encourage extended engagement, complementing each station’s augmented reality effect." -Leigh Singer, BFI

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