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“It’s like a working-class opera. It uses spoken word, machine sounds and speaks to the brass bands that we used to have in the U.K. for the worker." -David Grocott


Clarke & Reilly

Artist/ Director: David Grocott & Bridget Dwyer

Composer: Magnus Fiennes

Gallery: Sized Studio

Clarke & Reilly's Los Angeles based exhibition, "Blue Collar" features 60 hand-crafted indigo fabric T-shirts symbolizing the American working class, with a highlight on the LA Garment District. The exhibit explores the disconnect between consumers and those who produce their goods, showcasing the resilience of both the fabric and immigrant workers.

In approaching the music for Blue Collar, I set out to capture the harsh realities of sweatshops and the resilience of the workers within through a blend of industrial folk, found sounds, junkyard percussion, and spoken word poetry. It reflects the diverse cultures of the blue-collar workforce in the early to mid 20th century, and serves as a tribute to the unsung heroes of the working class.



Magnus Fiennes

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